Hi, my name is Debbie! I started providing childcare when I was 21 years old, in 1991. I was one of the 1st certified homes in Oregon and also one of the first providers to open a 2nd home. Through the years I have owned a Center, and most the time operated 2 Certified Family Homes. In Nov of 2011, Bee Bops opened our 3rd location.

I make it a personal commitment to stay educated in the development of children and keeping my program up to date and offering developmentally appropriate activities and tools to create a fun learning environment for the kids in my care. I take pride in developmentally appropriate standards, such as; Ratio, relationships with the children and their families, training, providing a safe and healthy setting, ample materials, a daily schedule, Curriculum and staying connected with my families with communication throughout the day, in "go home" sheets, newsletters and a business Facebook page.

Family is at the center of all I do. I have four children and 6 grandchildren!! I strive to be a good employer and make sure that all 3 locations are always in compliance and running smoothly. All 3 of our locations have trained staff that care about kids and make it important to be connected with them daily. In addition I stay connected with the community and am involved in associations that offer training, mentor-ship and to be involved with others that are in the same field as I am. I want the families to know and trust that what we offer is not a day of running around and staff sitting around watching TV, we take time to plan, create and execute a well-managed program in hopes that your child will enter the elementary school system with control, power, self-esteem and ready to be the best they can be.

I encourage you to check out each location and what is offered. Please feel free to email me for rates, more info and a tour of the selected facility.


Professional Character References for Debbie.

I've had the pleasure of knowing Debbie Wills for the past 8 years. Three years ago I opened up my 2nd location and I can honestly say that without Debbie’s help my business would not have survived. She has been a wealth of information and help for me. She genuinely has a heart for children and fellow childcare providers.  She voluntarily gives of her time and energy to help me achieve success, expecting nothing in return.  I've never met someone with the love, energy, and excitement for the business that she has.  She has helped me in so many areas of my business from contracts, policies, state rules, regulations, childcare environments, and with many employee related issues.  I know if I can't find the answer Debbie can either tell me or point me in the right direction.

Christina Folsom-Nitzshe
Owner/Operator of Heaven Sent Childcare

I have known Debbie Wills for many years. We met through the child care association, PRO, and she is someone who I have relied on for friendship, support, and wisdom.  She is honest, compassionate, inspiring, and damn funny.  Her positivity is infectious as she takes on life and business with gusto and enthusiasm. She is that person you can call up at any time (which I have), and if she doesn't know the answer, she will help you find it, whether it is a real life problem or a child care issue. I feel tremendously lucky to have Debbie as a friend, mentor, and resource in my life, and I continue to be grateful for the help she has given me.

Tami Hazen
Fox and Bear Childcare

Debbie is so knowledgeable about how to run a daycare and has been a hug help in getting ours open and running smoothly. She has literally transformed our daycare space and created a fun safe atmosphere for the kids. She has helped in training our staff, stocking toys, furniture, crafts, and continued support. We have a successful daycare at my studio because of Debbie. I am grateful for her!

Kristin Nelson
Owner and Instructor- Diva Den Studio

I am a new provider here in Oregon, but have been an educator in Early Childhood for 9 years. I come from a strong community, and not knowing anyone in my immediate or surrounding community has been a considerable challenge I've had to face in starting my own preschool program here. One of the challenges I faced was bridging the knowledge gap that exists between a center-based school, which is what I have experience with, to a family-based school, which is the program I am running now. The rules and regulations are different, and not knowing other providers made it all the more difficult in learning the nuances and differences between the state licensing rules with a center vs. a home child care. Then there’s the support system, or lack thereof, that I was facing. You take for granted networks and friends in the field until you have none. In many instances, I had to learn things the hard way because I did not have anybody to turn to for advice or support. Then, I met Debbie Wills by chance one day. I found her in a social providers group for Oregon on Facebook and getting to know her has been such a privilege! Not only has she has given me a tour of all of her programs and locations, she has also offered to be my mentor. So far, she has proven invaluable in giving me advice and offering answers to the many questions I have asked her so far!
Debbie Wills is an unique individual, one who has been very involved in the child care community and is a positive advocate for providers in Oregon. She is professional, but has a big heart and is able to relate and provide help to others when going through difficult experiences. Even with her busy schedule, she was still able to accommodate and help me out when I needed it. She is a true leader and role model. It is a pleasure to know Debbie Wills, and an honor to have her as my mentor. I am very excited for our relationship to grow in the years to come, and am excited to see myself grow to be the kind of provider Debbie strives to be and is on a daily basis.

Gabriela Bailey

Owner/Operator of Stepping Stones Academy