General Information:

Bee Bop’s Little House, LLC generally accepts children 6weeks to kindergarten. Bee Bop’s Little House, LLC operates Certified In-Home Centers and adheres to all requirements set forth by Office of Child Care (OCC.)

We operate like a center on the professional level and follow and/or exceed all State Standards 100%. Bee Bops takes much pride in being able to say that you will never have to worry about us being out of ratio (over numbers,) or out of compliance in any way.

Our Mission:

To provide each child with a warm, caring, stimulating, and safe environment. To encourage each child to develop to his or her greatest potential, build friendship, and enjoy his or her time spent at Bee Bops Little House, LLC.  Additionally, we exist to provide quality and consistent care that parents can confidently depend and rely on.

Bee Bops seeks to ensure that children get a safe, healthy, emotionally secure, and intellectually rich start in life by
       1) Providing quality child care for children;
2) Disseminating information that increases the practice of responsive, respectful, and play based care; 
3) And influencing national, regional, and local policies and practices so that the needs and interests of, toddlers and
           preschoolers (and their families) are the foundation for all curriculum development and program activity.

Our Philosophies:

General: Our program equates good care with trained teachers who are preparing themselves and the environment so that children can learn. For care to be good, it must explore ways to help teachers get "in tune" with each child they serve and learn from the individual child what he or she needs, thinks, and feels.

We hope to have your child in our care until they leave for kindergarten and also develop a relationship with you and your family that could potentially last a lifetime.

Play Based: Young children develop full complement of cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills best when most of preschool day includes free play with materials that can be used individually or by small groups. Free play avoids decreased risk-taking and cooperation among young children, who may feel that they have "failed" when asked to do more structured work.


Our Staff:

Bee Bops strives to hire high quality trained staff. All three of our locations have licensed providers and qualified managers. In addition all of our staff is enrolled in the Criminal Registry Background and is continually participating in state recognized training's. Additionally, all staff meets or exceeds state requirements for the position they hold



Owner/Director: Debbie Bascue

Office Assistant: Adrianne Delaney

Lead Teachers of Bumble Babies- Mayra and Becky

Lead Teacher of Lil' Tots- Samantha Gotchall

Lead Teacher of Busy Bees- Sarah Zachary




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