Welcome to Bee Bop's staff page. Below you will find a list of our current staff. We have our main staff at each location as well we train all staff to work each location, in case we need to use them there.

Bee Bops is committed to training staff to be the best they can be. Training starts at the bumble babies location where they are trained to work with infant and learn bee bops policies. The infant location is the hardest location to work and the standards and policies are very consistent. After new staff are ready they are accessed and scheduled where we feel they will be best.

Our staff work hard each day managing their own families and balancing life! All of them LOVE working with kids and being a part of raising beautiful souls of the future.

Office                                     Bumble Babies                      Busy Bees                           Lil' Tot's

Debbie Bascue                         Alondra Hernandez                 Sarah Zachary                     Samantha Gotchall        

Adrianne Delaney                     Mayra Juarez                         Mariana Rouge                    Kiah Lee

                                               Becky Cuarto                         Esveidy Landa                     Mariana Roque

                                               Kelsi Cuarto                                                                                  

                                               Yolanda Hernandez