Finding quality care for your child can be an emotional experience. You are not alone! Current and past families have also shared how they too have felt nervous when starting care (we have found that this is normal no matter where you decide to enroll your child.)

We at Bee Bops find it an honor and privilege to care for your child. We hope the following testimonies straight from the mouths of our other parents can help ease your mind and heart as you start your journey with us at Bee Bops. We love our families, and they love us too!

There are so many wonderful things to say about Bee Bop’s! Our family has been with Bee Bops for nearly 5 years now. Our daughter started there when she was 15 months and then my son when he was 3 months old. We had transferred our daughter from another in home day care after having concerns about communication and it just didn’t feel right. Bee Bop’s has shown us what a child care provider should and can be. Our expectations have been exceeded.

From day one my parenting concerns and guilt of being a full time working mom were erased. In my heart, every day with Bee Bop’s, I have known that my children are being nurtured, loved, cared for, stimulated and taught. We’ve been at the baby house and now Busy Bee’s and the kids have always been excited to go to “school”.

Debbie does a great job hiring staff and while there has been normal turn-over the structure, philosophy and standards remain intact because of how Debbie runs her business. I trust her decisions around staffing and know that my kids will transition smoothly.

Bottom line, my kids are safe and happy. This allows our family to thrive. And what’s better than having professional support every day in parenting? We have had partners in potty training, weaning from pacifiers, moving out of a crib, trying new foods and so much more. My heart will break the day my son transitions to kindergarten and we don’t get to see Debbie and her staff each day. Bee Bops is part of our family.

Leet Family


My experience with Debbie, Marissa and Hilary has been exemplary at Bee Bops!  When we had to take my daughter (16mo) out of her in-home daycare, on a Friday we were panicked to find a new place for her by Monday.  By referral, Debbie let us see the facility that Saturdayand she started on Monday!  Marissa would text me pictures of my sweet girl and give me updates.  When she was ready to move on to Lil' Tots the transition was perfect because she went with a few friends.  Then we met Hilary and she has given my daughter the freedom to make decisions the way we do at home.  The weekly emails about menus, curriculum and fun interactive projects - make my week.  I have never felt more comfortable leaving my little girl with anyone.  This daycare is more than just a daycare - it is a place where littles can thrive and explore.  Will ALWAYS give a great recommendation for Bee Bops.

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Lewman Family


Our experience with Bee Bops has been exceptional! As first-time parents it's really a daunting task to choose the "perfect" provider for your little one. From the beginning I knew that Bee Bops was different than any other provider we interviewed. Debbie was professional, organized and knowledgeable. The baby house was very clean, bright and inviting at our first visit. I love that in addition to providing all of the information one would expect to get during our initial visit to Bee Bops Debbie also encouraged all of the parents to ask at least one question. After our little guy started going to the baby house I received photos and texts from the teachers there to help me get through my day (I was very grateful for that). We've been with Bee Bops for several months now and I can tell you I've always felt they've had our child's best interest at heart. I've never once felt as if my child wasn't getting the attention and love and care he needs. In fact, I think of all the staff there as an extended part of our own family. Our son is now almost a year old (he's been going there since he was about 3 months) and he LOVES going to "school" every day. Each morning when I drop him off he's always happy and excited to see his teachers and when I pick him up he's always happy and playing with his friends.

Conrad Family

We have been nothing but pleased with our experience at Bee Bops. Our son started at the baby house at 3 mos of age. The idea of leaving him in someone else's care was so nerve wracking. The staff at the baby house was so empathetic and reassuring that our anxiety was quickly relieved. The communication between the staff to parents is amazing. They are very approachable and listen to individual needs/concerns. Our son now has transitioned to Lil Tots ( the 2-5 yr old ) house and is thriving. We love all the fun activities that he gets to be involved with daily. It is apparent how hard the staff works at making our kiddos days full of play based learning and exploration, while helping them learn discipline. Happy to be parents of a Bee Bops kid. 

Pacha Family

I can not say enough how much I love   Bee Bops Little House. I remember the day I took a tour I felt so comfortable and knew this was the place for my daughter.  My daughter was 4 months old when I first brought her in, and the transition was hard, but the staff was amazing. They gave me updates and sent me pictures so I knew my baby girl was safe and happy. Now my daughter thinks of daycare as a second home and family and she loves going. I can't thank them enough for how happy they have made my daughter and made us as parents.

Holcombe Family


I've had two kids attend Bumble Babies and it has been a great experience for both. The staff seem genuinely happy to be there and build caring relationships with each kid. They do a fantastic job of communicating which is essential when my kids were too young to speak. I know that even if it is a fussy day drop off doesn't go well, they'll get my kids laughing and happy before I reach the end of the street.
Busy Bees has an incredible set up. The classroom has a variety of toys, books and activities, so the kids are never bored. The backyard is absolutely amazing. There are things to climb on, tactile tables, dirt mounds, trucks and play houses. I wish I could stay and play too! They teach curriculum and I've seen my 2 year old really learning some of the concepts.

Beckman Family


We have been so happy having our son at Bee Bops, and we’ve just started our 3-month old daughter at Bumble Babies this month. The care provided at the baby house is so great, they pay so much attention to both your child and your concerns as well as working with your schedule. And they accept cloth diapers! Our 3 ½ year-old son loves going to Busy Bees and is learning so much it is amazing! The staff there are so great at teaching in a fun and healthy atmosphere. I love that the kids have lots of outdoor time. We really couldn’t be happier with the company and the support that they have provided to our family over the years.

Garvin Family

I want to thank you in advance for all that you have done for Tobias. When he started in the Baby House, he was shy and terribly anxious around other kids. Now, three years and two houses later he is socially much more confident, and he has learned a TON of new information and life skills. (A special thank you for getting him potty trained so quickly!) He doesn't appear to be nervous at all about starting kindergarten, and I know that this is due in no small part to the consistency of staffing and playmates he has had over the past three years. 

Schafer Family

I cannot say enough positive thoughts about Bee Bops ~ they have been an absolute blessing for our family over the past 3 years.  I had a very difficult time being away from my babies and working fulltime, and Bee Bops helped to ease my heart and mind by not only giving our children wonderful care, but truly loving them!  They also loved on me, by providing updates and photos so I could remain involved in their activities as well.  

The staff understands that our children are THE MOST precious things in the world to us parents, and honor that by providing a wonderful, supportive, playful, safe place where kids receive exceptional care.  Bee Bops has become an extension of my family, and I am so thankful.

The Woo Family  

My son has gone to Bee Bops for 2 years and we have loved every  minute of it.  Debbie and Hilary and all of the teachers are always kind and friendly and quick with a hug if needed.  They are also readily available to discuss how his day was.  Debbie is always working on improving the locations, right now our location is getting a new backyard playground.  You can tell that they really care about the locations and the kids.  Thank you!

Kramer Family

Baby E has been at the Bee Bops Baby House since she was 12 weeks old.  Early on, she was a pretty fussy baby and I insisted on having a conversation with Merissa to share my concerns and explain how worried I was that she would be too difficult for them to handle.  Merissa settled my "first time mom" fears and let me know that she would tell me if Baby E was too difficult but also assured me that they've had difficult babies in the past and they've managed just fine. Fast forward 8 months and now Baby E is almost a toddler and is thriving at the Baby House.  All of the staff show her so much warmth and love and it's obvious that she is very well cared for by how excited she gets when we walk in the door.  I am so thankful that we found such a great daycare with an amazing group of ladies that keep my child safe and well cared for always.  

Cordova Family

My three year old daughter has been attending Bee Bops Lil' Tots for one year now. She has grown so much socially. The environment is very kid friendly, and the curriculum focuses on play, which as a kindergarten teacher, I know is so important for kids to learn through play. The staff is amazing in helping kids work through their feelings and how to play with others. They are also very helpful when my daughter was learning to use the potty. As an older student now, she is becoming a helper and a positive leader. She will continue at Lil' Tots until she enters kindergarten, because I believe that it is a positive environment for her.

Dahlman Family

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